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Sahara Customs Clearing Agency | Sahara Trading Company is leading the way in the most dynamic and exciting regions of businesses in the crossroads of Pakistan, China, USA, India, Afghanistan & Central Asian states today with an experience of over decades. We are perfectly positioned to support the multinational, national companies, Importers and exporters in these regions. Our long history and deeply embedded presence at the junction at Peshawar Pakistan having a network of offices at Sea, Dry port, Air Ports & International borders with professional staff makes us the Right Partner for all the national & multinational companies having needs for Shipping, logistics, and Customs clearing & forwarding of any sizes, nature & quantities of shipments.

Sahara Customs Clearing Agency | Sahara Trading Company looks forward to being your partner as you take advantage of all the opportunities that Sahara Customs Clearing Agency | Sahara Trading Company offers.

Keeping in view the changing political scenario in Pakistan, SAHARA CUSTOMS CLEARING AGENCY | SAHARA TRADING COMPANY has now expanded its operations Import, Export, Customs Clearance, Forwarding and now also handling Transit Shipments to Afghanistan, from all Karachi Ports as Pakistan is Geographically well placed for Land Locked Afghanistan are provides the shortest distance for cargo transit to this country.

We are providing very efficient and reliable services for our International and Domestic Clients for their cargoes for Customs Clearing, importer Exporter, Afghan Transit Trade, Delivery to Jalalabad, Kabul, Kandahar, and other inland destinations in Afghanistan via Peshawar. As such SAHARA CUSTOMS CLEARING AGENCY | SAHARA TRADING COMPANY can operate their import to Pakistan from all over the world via Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar Torkham Border, etc.

We offer our services to Government contractors, Private Sector contractors, Public/ Private organizations of non-Governmental organizations, etc (NGO).

We can arrange transport to most cities including Kabul, Jalalabad, and also Bagram. Besides inland transport, we can arrange a complete freight solution from any point of origin through our worldwide network.

The shipments may consist of household goods and personal effects foodstuff and vehicles machinery equipment used in the reconstruction process of Afghanistan and also the Relief Cargo, All the cargo from NGOs, government assistance, donations, and aid come through this category. The formalities for each have to be followed carefully to ensure smooth processing and minimum extra expenses.

We welcome inquiries from governmental organizations, companies, NGOs, individuals, or freight forwarders for any segment of the solution. Reliability, quick response, and regular status updates will be available for your goods.

Hopefully, you will give us a chance to serve our company and the service we provide in the best manner.


Sami Ullah
Sahara Customs Clearing Agency
Sahara Trading Company
Cell: +92-333-9001005.

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