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Founder's Message

Founder's Message

Sahara Custom Clearing Agency/Sahara Trading Company, Peshawar is leading the way, in the most dynamic and exciting regions of businesses, in the cross roads of Pakistan, Afghanistan & Central Asian states today, with an experience of over three decades. We are perfectly positioned to support the multinational, national companies, Importers and exporters in these regions. Our long history and deeply embedded presence at the junction at Peshawar Pakistan, having network of offices at Sea, Dry, Air Ports & International borders with professional staff makes us, the Right Partner for all the national & multinational companies having needs for Shipping, logistics and Customs clearing & forwarding of any sizes, nature & quantities of shipments.

Sahara Custom Clearing Agency/Sahara Trading Company look forward to being your partner as you take advantage of all the opportunities that Sahara Custom Clearing Agency/Sahara Trading Company offers.


Sami Ullah
Sahara Custom Clearing Agency
Sahara Trading Company

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